Unit Digital Image Creation 3d Box Modelling Session 1

3d Box Modelling technique in 3ds Max Session 1

For this unit you have to come up with your own original brief and have to design a product and produce different types of imagery, and a video/animation with the product.

Unit Digital Image Creation 3d Box Modelling Session 1 HND
Unit Digital Image Creation 3d Box Modelling Session 1 HDN

About Box Modelling

A polygonal modelling technique which starts with a primitive (cube, sphere, cylinder), we then refine our object in stages with different tools such as extrude, bevel, knife,  its shape until the desired appearance is achieved.

With this tutorial we are going to create a simple bottle of perfume with Autodesk 3d Max. This software is used for the tutorials because you can also carry on with the tutorial at home with your student edition that comes free, when your register as a student on the Autodesk site.

It is also imperative that you try and design another product after this tutorial, to build your personal portfolio. You will have to sketch up your own product and then come up with the 3d modelling technique for the the product (spline, box, sculpting etc…).

Building your portfolio; you have many sites where your can have the opportunity to showcase your work;

An don’t forget to promote on social media.

The video above is all about using 3d Max for products’ design. This is just a demo that as the goal to simplify the process as this unit is not about 3d mastery but exploring digital media. The technique used in this lesson is called box modelling, in illustrator we have modelled a bottle; if we were to use the same technique in 3ds Max we would call it spline modelling (simplified terms). Exporting the image to use with different packages, is the most important technique that you need to explore.