You are going to do a basic shape tween in Flash, this can help those who decide to make a 2d animation understand how we create the impression of movement using Flash. Tons of different methods out there, but while Flash is still in use for animation development let’s learn.











At this stage of the development it is good to work with a grid to make sure your are not over sizing the waves. On the menu bar click on View>grid>Show>Grid.


To edit the grid as the above image, go to the menu the View>Grid>Edit Grid

Now with the Selection Tool Selected change create your waves using the grid as a guide. You can uncheck view grid once you have finished from the view menu once you have finished the shape of the waves.


You now need to convert your waves shape into a symbol go Modify>Convert to Symbol.


Name your shape waves and make the type of graphic is graphic, do not worry registration, nor folder as these are used for precision and coding and specific tools.

Now we need to turn the wave into animated waves. Double click on the waves graphic on the stage, that will take into the graphic edtiing mode. You will know you are editing your graphic because at the top of the stage you will the scene sign as well as the graphic sign.





Look at the time line and add a keyframe at frame 50. Click on frame 50 and right-click and select Insert Keyframe








Now we need to create a  tween between frame 1 and frame 50. place your cursor between frame 1 and 50 and right click then select Create Shape Tween







Adding shape hints;

Make sure you select frame 1 then go to Modify>Shape>Add Shape Hint on the menu bar. If frame 1 is not selected the option of adding shape hint will be greyed out, you won’t be able to select it.





How you can use this for your own development?

Make a Mixed Media animation

  • Literally draw a boat a squid a fish the sun (hand-crafted), scan them and edit in Photoshop to remove the background, import them in Flash, and make a frame by frame animation.


Further Experiment

Now that you Know about shape tweening, you can try and change shape of :

  • -2 different words
  • two different shape