Workshop Aims: 

Learn how to create repetition and texture using Photoshop Brushes tools in your designs 


Create interesting designs with texture/repetition 


Starter Session:

Let’s look at the artist’t tools and discuss all the tools they use to create texture

Main Session:

Looking at Photoshop can you find tools that the artists use to draw 


Main Session 2:

Step by step with teacher guidance and demo:

  • Open Photoshop
  • Create a new document (settings such as size, CMYK, resolution not important)
  • Create a layer cover with black (no need for picture) to achieve this, you just need the paint bucket and swatch panel
  • use the type tool and type the work “Repetition”
  • Change your text appearance (size, colour, style etc…)
  • Rasterize your text layer (right click on the layer, then rasterize text)
  • Select the text and make a brush preset

  • Then create an interesting design using the brushed text (see below)