Associate Diploma Unit 14 flyer for digital Publishing is introduction tutorial to support learners with digital design skills.

Nowadays most digital flyers are interactive, static PDFs are not really interesting for an audience that uses highly dynamic media, In this session, we are going to create an interactive  PDF document that can be distributed by email or on social media.

For this Associate Diploma Unit 14 flyer for digital Publishing workshop you are going to need:


  • Search the Internet for Islamic colour themes and download the swatches or PrintScreen

  • Create a folder for your project (name Islamic flyer)
  • Open that new folder and create another new folder and name it assets, place all the images and text you are going to need for this flyer

Open Photoshop and create a document with the settings below

Open InDesign and create a 2 pages documents with the settings below:

Don’t forget to add your guides

Associate Diploma Unit 14 flyer for digital Publishing

Place your colour theme swatches/PrintScreen on the artboard

To create your colour swatches open the swatches panel and use the colour picker to create your colour theme

(Click none, then colour picker, then pick your color then click new on the panel

With the rectangle tool create a rectangle and fill it with a colour of your choice

with the direct selection tool selec the top lefr corner of the rectangle and cut it

Create a polyglon with the following settings and place in the centre of the document