Cinema 4d simple animation video tutorial with the cloner tool for level 3 graphic design, or gaming or Creative Media demonstrating how to use animation tools.

My favorite 3d Software is Cinema 4d, I find it easy to for basic animations, 3D Text Effects, the early pyrocluster  tool was what got me addicted to this software, I spent hours playing with this tool. I jump from Bryce and Poser to C4D and the transition was quite easy back in the late 90s early 2000s. I have tried other software but never got to love them as much I love C4D, as teacher I do think that this tool is a good tool for learners and is quite easy to learn.

Cinema 4d students promotion page
Cinema 4d students promotion page

The price tag is not funny though, but they offer a student version which good to use for a start. My only issue is that some of my students have had problems obtaining the free student version. Let’s not complain about the price because they are I one of the cheapest 3d Software providers.  So it’s a good investment if you think of going into motion graphics.

But now that the web is becoming more dynamic (TV like), it is the time for web professionals to get into 3d, yes that is too much, but that what I had to learn when studying multimedia (motion, media production, 3d, graphics, e learning, web dev, app dev, marketing)…. So good luck.

Back the the aim of this video – Simple animation with the cloner tool –

This video tutorial will teach you to create basic 3D components and a animation using Cinema 4D cloner tool.