Creating a poster with simple shapes Level 3 Creativity exercise

A poster doesn’t  need to be made of complex imagery to be effecient. Whe designers create posters they need to effectively communicate to an audience. They also need to create imagery based on the brief they received with instruction on design style. You will find that some client will request for a minimalisty type of poster designed.

Desiging a poster with simple shapes can help:

  • With Information hierachy
  • Make information clear and concise
  • Help audience see and get the message with no clutter

With simple shapes you can create eye-catching and attractive poster.

In Graphic Design it is quite possible to create imagery creating simple shapes. Simplicity helps eliminate details for a message that is simple and straight forward.


How you are going to do this:Creating a poster with simple shapes EXAMPLE

  1. Research art forms using simple shapes such as:
    • Minimallism
    • Cubism
    • Bauhaus
    • Suprematism
  2. Research and write about a few artists that you like, try and re-create their art
  3. Decide on a topic or subject that you like to explore simpl shape with
  4. Make some quick thumbnails in your sketchbook
  5. Create your artwork using the medium that you want (paint, markers, mixed media)
  6. Use illustrator to create your poster just using simple shapes
  7. Analyse your poster
  8. Make sure you add you final poster in your sketchbook with different colour theme of layouts
  9. If you have problems watch the video tut (the tut has no text, it’s time consuming, you can always ask me)

Your task is to create a poster just using simple shapes and send a message to an audience with this message.

Use internet resources such as the London Transport Museum for inspiration.

You will find loads of simple shapes art

The London Underground Art is quite famous for sharing art made with  simple shapes in posters.

See bellow for example