This is the first part of a 3 weeks tutorial teaching students about creating their own online gallery using a simple content management system. At this stage my students have already had an introduction to creating their own personal blog (all my students including Level 1 music media and Level 2 multimedia). Nevertheless, this tutorial sample is a good base for students to start taking control of their website, producing their own portfolio, making decisions,choice on different plugins/themes to use to change the appearance of the website. A sample student material will be available to download at a later date.

Lesson Objectives;

  • Demonstrating confidence in building pages and posts using dashboard (WordPress)
  • Researching and Planning for their own online portfolio

Duration: 1.30 hour

Starter Session: Discuss props and work produced with other teacher the evaluate the individual students’ needs

Main Session Part 1: Students plan their website (teacher presentation on CMS planning)
students use a predefined template to help understanding planning.

1.1. Identify the purpose of the website and intended audience.


Website Plan
General Information
Desired website name 











Why are you building this site? 













What is your message/Slogan? 













What type of website is it? (Educative, informative, sale, advertising or other). 















Who is your primary target audience?










You need to be precise: about age, income, market segmentation and their technology knowledge; are they likely to be tech-savvy, or tech-limited?

What would you like the site to achieve within 1 year? (how many visitors, income, users) 


















1.2. Select and use a website design template to create a single web page.



Template Name











Template Location (where did you find the template?)













1.3. Identify what content and layout will be needed in the web page (see Website Plan)


Planning and Managing Your Content










List below the pages that you would like to feature in your site and the types of graphics you would incorporate.

Page TitleContent DescriptionList Graphics to Include








































































































What features do you want in your site?         Videos         audio         Images         Download functionality (users)
         Newsletter         Blog         Catalogue         User submission of documents
         Search capability         Images Gallery         Animations         Forms/Surveys
         News/RSS feeds         E-commerce functionality         Message Boards         Other

Main Session Part 2: Simple WP demo and video support


Main Session Part 4: Project based – Work/Experiment with your blog


Homework: You must have your content ready to work on the site by next week