As a student you are encouraged to develop problem solving skills and drawing can help.

Creative Problem Solving with Drawing. Why is it important to solve problem with drawing?

With your diploma FMP you are meant to demonstrate how you are developing art and project ideas:

  • by trying and experimenting with different art techniques
  • by exploring different solutions
  • by showing how you are working through a project
  • by showing the different choices you make and how they relate to the brief
  • by demonstrating how you are working through challenging issues with your project

When working through your FMP you must demonstrate that you have:

  • used different artist as inspiration
  • used different materials and and techniques
  • annotated reflections throughout your creative experiments and decisions

At this stage it is important to realize that you will definitely need  a sketchbook  of sketch book  that you will need to carry around to work and experiment from home and at the college.  Remember trying all the different drawing and sketching tools and techniques will demonstrate that you can grow as a creative individual, your observational skills,  on the top of your problem solving skills. Don’t be afraid to use different materials and also digital design techniques. 

Remember your can use:

  •  Painting techniques – oil, water
  • Drawing techniques – alcohol markers, pastels, pencils
  • Mark making techniques 
  • Sketching techniques
  • Materials experimentation
  • Software experimentation

Remember, experimenting with different techniques will in tun demonstrate your problem solving skills. 

Tasks for this Lesson

Creative Problem Solving Activities:

  1. Spend a few minutes researching The Term Creative  Constraints starting with the following:

  1. Start a series of exercises with constraints:
    1. Create a shopping bag with no plastic or paper
    2. Create a car with no wheels
    3. How would you use your exhibition space with constraints such as no hanging on walls, no projection?
    4. Create a perfume bottle in a different material than glass 

In conclusion Creative Problem Solving can start with constraints with your drawings and sketches to start with, don’t just create a project, set some constraints to help solve an issue, or else.