Designing book Covers to Multimedia Level 2 Lesson – part 1,

Designing book Covers to Multimedia Level 2 Lesson – part 1

This is the first part of a three weeks tutorial teaching students about book covers design, this lesson is targeted at level 2 groups (NOCN, BTEC, CITY & GUILDS). This tutorial sample is a good base for students to start learning about print media. Teachers have to implement their own techniques with this material.  This tutorial last for three weeks, because students have to produce a project by themselves to build their own portfolio. A sample student material will be available to download at a later date. In 2009/10 I had good results from this tutorial and students have developed good skills.

The book on the left was designed by a level 2 multimedia who interpreted the brief and decided to draw and scan to give the cover a child like look and feel.

This tutorial assumes that the students have around 6-10 weeks experience using the software.

Lesson Objectives;

  • Demonstrating confidence in building an image from scratch  according to brief using artwork imaging
  • Using Creativity
  • Understanding measurements and bleeds
  • Efficiently explain and defend design ideas through challenging  Q&A. Document activities  (report, log book, sketch book)

Duration: 4 hours

Starter Session: Discuss previous sessions, and questionnaire about book “Do read books? Which types? What attracts you to a book?

Main Session Part 1: Drawing Techniques using own references (Information Literacy and Independent Study Skills) students are now able to find resources on-line and use as reference to draw)

Main Session Part 2: (Information Literacy, Individual research, presentation)

  • Tutors should give a short lecture on different types of covers (I will upload my own soon)
  • Download and print 3 types of covers (design options)
  • Write a short summary of what you find and where; ISBN, Author, Publishers’ logo, Title, Summary, Picture of author
  • Write a short summary of why the cover is effective or not
  • Present your finding for at least one cover
  • You have 20 minutes

Main Session Part 3: The Fun Part Using Imaging Software to produce a simple book cover

book cover design

Main Session Part 4: Project based (formative/workshop 4 weeks to finish)

– Project: Book Cover

Project Brief: You have recently joined a publishing company as a junior designer. The company is allowing you to design a book cover for a children story on your own.

Book Title: “Enchanted Castle”

Author: E. NesbitCover

Style: You Decide (you must research different types of covers)

Description: In childhood, the borders between reality and fantasy often blur just enough for a grand adventure to take place. E. Nesbit’s “the Enchanted Castle” tells the story of an afternoon game of “pretend”, that for four young children, suddenly brings real magic to life. A mystical ring offers them every wish they could imagine. Magic can get out of hand, however, and our heroes soon learn that their adventures may bring a taste of danger and a quest that they must complete before life can return to anything like normal.

Design the cover the cover of the book. The cover will need the title, author’s name (and other information that should appear on the cover- publisher‘s name and logo, etc.). And a dominant image (designed by you), fonts, colours, balance, emphasis, etc. The book will be of trade size paperback: 5. ½” x 8. ½” with a resolution of 150 to 300 pixels/inch. You will need to: Plan and sketch a design, Use Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign using colour combinations, vector and bitmap graphics, typography, layer effects, blending modes, exporting artwork, resolutions.

Preparation: mood boards, project plan, sketches

Delivery: Mounted on board and presented to the class in 4 weeks

Closure: Report on the whole project


Homework: You must produce a research report about the history of covers already produced for “The Enchanted Castle”, advanced students should add some visuals with mood boards.

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