Designing book Covers to Multimedia Level 2 Lesson part 2is the second part of a three weeks tutorial teaching students about book covers design, this lesson is targeted at level 2 groups (NOCN, BTEC, CITY & GUILDS). This tutorial sample is a good base for students to learn about choices in design (they will have to choose a software to design their book project). Teachers have to implement their own techniques with this material.

Designing book Covers to Multimedia Level 2 part 2, The scanned (mounted) work on the left was designed by a level 2 multimedia who after an hour of independent study has produced a very good attempt with InDesign.

This tutorial assumes that the students have around 6-10 weeks experience using the software.

To help skills extension teachers should research and prepare a resources list of books, internet sites that accommodate for all learning types and needs. Or if your institution can afford it, just buy resources which are made available to students. Teachers tend to show their own techniques. I tend to show more, because I have learned all about laying out pages with Aldus PageMaker first and it was a long time ago…. It takes a while to build a library but once you have one, students can independently make their own choice.

Designing book Covers to Multimedia Level 2 part 2

Lesson Objectives;

  • Demonstrating confidence in building an image from scratch  according to brief using artwork imaging
  • Discovering printing processes
  • Introduction to InDesign
  • Efficiently make design decisions

Duration: 4 hours

Starter Session:

Discuss Homework, students present their research, review PLPs

Main Session Part 1:

Drawing Techniques using own references (Information Literacy and Independent Study Skills) students are now able to find resources on-line and use as reference to draw)

Main Session Part 3: (Information Literacy, group research, presentation)

Students gather in small group, research and present the different print processes; it is up to the teacher to decide up to what length students should research, and the processes. After presentation teachers clarifies different points.

Main Session Part 4: Introduction to InDesign

Tutor to give a basic introduction about InDesign (including history), demonstration, tutorial of InDesign or send the students to the library to find and borrow InDesign books. This part should also help students find the similarities with other software packages they have already used, and also how to import images which is different from other Adobe packages. The introduction is then followed by a small demonstration on book design, an students should extend with their own books. This_tutorial_is_an_introduction_to_InDesign

Main Session Part 5: Workshop (students work independently on book cover project) while teacher reviews Individual/group progress.

Students should be challenged in making choice with design (final book cover), and reminded how planning is important if they have not done so.

Main Session Part 6: students reflect on learning (blog, learning log ect…)

Homework: Carry-on with project planning/research

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