A game-concept document is a document briefly describes your game idea and includes information about:

  • Introduction
  • Background research (brief)
  • Description
  • Key features
  • Genre
  • Platform(s)
  • The target audience
  • Concept art

Why this information is needed?

  • Introduction: is the selling point, people are looking for ideas that can sell, and the narrative for your introduction should give an insight to the game play
  • Target audience; people and organisations that could be interested in funding your project will need this information to evaluate if the idea match their business ethos, etc….
  • Platform; making inform decision on platform will help a team of technologists (hardware, software, programming), evaluate the possibilities.
  • Background research: often packed with statistics of competition, game market, this section help you lead to the your original idea giving your audience background information
  • Concept art: The visual artist makes the sell with the visual art and the presentation of characters, worlds, props.

Further developments

Once your idea is accepted you need to then go onto developing your game bleu print, a book that would help developing the game. This book is extremely important as it’s shared/updated between.