I never teach web design without giving the students a project that makes sense. My assessments always,  give a rewarding experience to the students, and promote interaction. My learning activities are designed to offer a personalized projects; where students choose their own, addressing both  “engaging students in the classroom” and giving them “the experience that is rewarding” when they see their site online.

Students engage in discussions

  • They discuss subject such as globalization and the tools that have supported the global concept. They enjoy activities which ask them to take sides, and defend their position in the global discourse. That might sound to high for level 2 multimedia NOCN, but remember your students need to go onto a level 3 course when leaving your class. Used topics such as social websites, global tools good or bad, mobile technology craze  etc…
  • They learn at their own pace, when given the choice in design, experimenting with the different options in web design, and setting their own challenges. They research and try HTML, CSS, CMS, then choose a method of design for their own project.
  • They work in group and acknowledge each other’s strength and assign roles within a team
  • They are encourage to create their reflecting blog with the  tools offered on the web; I choose www.wordpress.com because they learn the basics of content management, and use an industry standard web design tool.
Last year I set some of my level 2 multimedia (NOCN)  class onto the Newham 2012 website; students had to work in team taking into account each others experience of the web, one the student is death so they implemented their Ideas for Creative & Media Teachers and Multimedia teachers web projects, site with videos for the death audience.

They might not have grasped the whole thing about css, html, you might find a few mistakes in their coding or the sample coding the worked from, but they gained an understand of what web design is all about, were rewarded and proud of their achievement.

This year:

  • Fatma worked on a site for her own client (a dj) – she was accepted on a level 3 course this month by showcasing her webdesign skills and knowledge as well as graphic design skills
  • Israel and Georgie experimented with Drupal and created “complex gamers” – embracing the world of content management
  • Khain design is own version of the newham olympics

Have a look for yourself and embrace the experience: