This lesson is an introduction to 3d, back in 2006 I used to teach 3d to pre-sixteen groups, and this year I had in mind to teach 3d again.

Lesson Objectives;

  • Create a simple scene using templates, tools and functions of the software
  • Saving images
  • Research into the 3d sector

Duration: 4 hours

Introduction to 3d

Starter Session: Introduction to the unit

Main Session: Group work – research in the 3d gaming industry the different steps into creating and launching a 3d game.

  • Main Session Part 1: Software introduction – basic tools
  • Main Session Part 2: Demonstration
  • Main Session Part 3: Enjoying and developing own skills with the software
  • Closure: Reflection and log book

The video is to be used in the class with the students, teachers must explain the different tools used for the session.

I will upload teaching and learning material for this session at a later date.

Introduction to 3d