This introduction to animation with Flash tutorial is the first part of a 12 weeks tutorial teaching students about different animation techniques in Flash, this lesson is targeted at level 2 groups (NOCN, BTEC, CITY & GUILDS). This tutorial sample is a good base for students to start demonstrating understanding animation concepts. Teachers have to implement their own techniques with this material.  This tutorial last for 12 weeks, because students have to produce different animations by themselves to build their own portfolio. A sample student material will be available to download at a later date.

Introduction to Animation with Flash

Lesson Objectives;

Photo by Anna Gabali
Photo by Anna Gabali
  • Introduction to the History of Animation
  • Demonstrating understanding of frame by frame animation concept
  • Create your own animation with photography
  • Using basic tools in Flash

Resources needed for this tutorial: Flash, Camera, Photoshop

Duration: 4 hours

Starter Session: Discuss the Specialist Bespoke Software Unit Criteria

Main Session Part 1: History of Animation part 1  – (Tutor Presentation + YouTube informational video)

Let’s have a group discussion

  • Let’s discuss what  you have understood the history of Animation (techniques talked about in both the presentation and movie- I am interested in the different techniques – what you have grasped of the techniques)

Main Session Part 2: Research Adobe Flash and history

In small groups

  • Group 1: Try and sell the latest version of Flash to a group of students, explaining development opportunities in the game industry
  • Group 2: Try and sell the latest version of Flash to a group of students, explaining development opportunities in the animation Industry.
  • Group 3: Try and sell the latest version of Flash to a group of students, explaining development opportunities in the web design Industry.
    • All presentations should concentrate on the different products developed so your presentation should include links and video about the products designed in your research area. I don’t want a blank presentation with words only, make it interesting. You need to work as a group and each team member should have a definite role in this presentation.
    • Present to the class 10 minutes max per group – other will evaluate your presentation
    • Cue Card:  you must research different developments in Flash: Wii, mobile phones technology, Iphone apps. No copy and paste, try to understand what you read and expand your research.

Resources to support your with you with research:

Main Session Part 3: Teacher demonstration – Intro to Flash Interface + Frame by Frame animation using photography

Main Session Part 4: Work in groups and develop a small animation using Photography

  • You should have a story (brainstorm ideas, thumbnails)

Conclusion: Reflect/Blog

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