Introduction to blender Level 3 Graphics – Product Design
Introduction to blender Level 3 Graphics – This tutorial is related to product design, part 3 of assignment for unit 12 Engaging with an audience in Art and Design
Lesson objectives : Unit 12 – Engaging with an audience in art & design
Learning Outcomes:
Extension: This should give a good head-start to create your product, you could also export the final render to great your advert in Photoshop or export the 3d object to make your video advert in After Effects.

Bottle Part 2
Now that you have done your bottle shape, go to Object Mode
Click on the wrench on the right panel of the Interface
Add a solidify modifier
Choose your Thickness, and click apply
Go back in edit mode
Change your view mode to wireframe
Select the inner circle of the bottle in edge select mode
To select the whole inner bottle just go to select > more (repeat this process until you have selected the whole bottle).
On the left panel click on duplicate and click,
Now go Mesh>Vertices>Separate>selection
Your inner bottle duplicate now appears in the right panel, rename it to liquid, and rename your bottle
Hide the bottle so you can work on the liquid (eye)
Make an edge loop selection of the top of the bottle
Click S on the kb to shrink it
Level it down with the blue arrow
With the loop seleted got to mesh>Faces>  Fill
Scale your liquid with s on kb
 Adding glass material


Introduction to blender Level 3 Graphics,