Kinetic Animation easy steps

For this step I have decided to use this song ( Get the lyrics if you are choosing a song or a poem, I found my lyrics there

Chunk your audio to the first 15 seconds or just chunk to the first verse, and save as wave file.

Create your new project and comp in After Effects, and import your audio.

I have decided to start the first three seconds of my audio, so I have decided to have a word “ALLER” on 4 layers.

I have matched the words to the audio file; it takes time to sync,so be patient and ready to hear the same audio many times.

I have used both the grid and rulers to align the words.

It took 31 layers for 15 seconds of this song.

I have save as a comp without the audio to add onto the whole song later.

To reduce the size of my final video and upload I will use