Identify the key roles of the following Web technologies governance groups.

KM1 Coding exam things to remember


World Wide Web Consortium (W3C);

While many site owners see the SEO as the only optimisation factor, it is vital to note that a good site ranking will be scrutinised by search engines for multi-devices and users’ optimisation.

With multi-users optimisation, factors such disability need to be implemented throughout a website: overlooking at colour schemes, alt tags, text readers, tab keys navigation, could land a company in a lawsuit if the majority of their users have difficulties accessing content. W3C recommendations have to be observed with strict adherence to images and video captioning, subtitles and auditory description. Thankfully there are a variety of tools that are used to ensure content and websites are created per the WCAG[1] recommendations on disability.

[1] Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

• Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) develops internet standards such as security management, network management, Internet of things, transport technology.

Also, you might need to read about the ICO as web data privacy and GDPR are topics digital marketers should understand and know.

KM1 Coding exam things to remember

WEB HOSTING (things to remember)

Shared hosting seems the cheapest solution for small businesses, however, the issues might be more complex when it comes to search engine optimisation when your domain is hosted on a shared server, it is sharing a space with many other domain owners and some might be blacklisted which is not advantageous for the SEO.

Things get complicated when talking about Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server, with the first option virtual server is not a dedicated server but rather a dedicated space on a shared server, with more system, what makes this option more interesting than a shared server is that clients have less risk with being blacklisted due to other misbehaving domain owners.

Hosting a site on private servers is costly and advantageous with the amount of control business can have

There is a new “a la carte option” which is given website owners the option to “Pay as you Go”, this option is optimal in a way as owners can have a real overview of what cost more in a web hosting contract.

A few things to consider when looking for a hosting company:

  • Server Operating System
  • Space
  • Bandwidth
  • SSL

SSL/TLS certificate and cost for a more secure certificate. With SSL certificates is important to know that if the business is trading online, or using personal data. The free certificate is not advisable with e-commerce and online community sites,

KM1 Coding exam things to remember

SEO Techniques

Terms you should remember:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Schema

Apart from using white hat techniques is also important to use a good schema scheme for the content, but with plugins WordPress users who don’t understand schema and how it works can get support.

Search Engine Optimisation supports driving organic traffic to a website, and the aim is to make a website search engine friendly. The possibilities are endless:

  • With search engine tools such as Google Keywords planner help understand what peoples search for, it is possible to understand what people search the most and then create content that incorporates the keyword search volume.
  • Headings hierarchy is also very important
    • h1 at top of page
    • h2 subheadings
      • h3
  • With tools such as Nibbler website tool, it is possible to evaluate the SEO readiness of a website, with scoring on the site’s pages titles, meta-tags, alt tags, internal links, link building, Social Media Marketing, optimisation, etc…
  • To appear higher in search engine results and build search ranking, it is important to consider link building with sites that have authority on the web, create pages and blogs using the right amount of words, headers
  • Use code minification to reduce the loading time of a web page.
  • With web pages, developers should also ensure that page titles are no more than hundred and forty characters, and meta descriptions no more than hundred and eighty characters While on-page SEO is important it is also worth considering the off-page SEO
  • Activities such as article submission, actively answering topical questions on Quora, inviting a guest blogger

Search Engine Marketing is supporting with the visibility at the top of the SERP, ads appear at the top.

The parameters that matter with Google Ads:

  • relevancy
  • and honesty, driving users with the wrong information that is not matching the ads the click-through rate will be bad.

Developing websites types of content management systems

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) CMS example WIX
  • Proprietary CMS SharePoint.
  • Open-source CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Magento)

Stages of the system development life cycle you should remember (KM1 coding exam, might have questions):

  • Feasibility Study
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Design.
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation

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