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Computer Science Basic

Anna Gabali Binary Coding Exam
Anna Gabali Binary simple

Binary numbers

Binary numbers is a number system with only digits to represent a value, 0 or 1. Counting in binary rules to follow the same rules as decimal number system incrementing to the left.

Logic Boards

Logic gates are related to binary numbers and electronic circuits. Logic gates are merged to form  a logic circuits that perform specific functions.

types of gates:

  • Nor:
  • And:
  • Nand:
  • Or:
  • Xor:

You will need to remember the truth table as the exam will have logic gates questions.

In the KM1 Coding exam you will have questions on logic boards.

If you find logic gate difficult to grasp you can learn from here that can with KM1 coding exam (although not related) : 



The best way To Understand Algorithm is to use Google map and find your way to a location. Your device is helping you achieve a task. Your map is advising based on your selected mode (on feet, cycling, Public transport, car):

  • (IF) Bicycle (Then)turn left (Then) Go straight (if not) redirect
  • (If) car (Then) Turn onto the main road (then)
  • (IF) On Foot (then) go to nearest bus stop (then) (get) bus to the station (then) Take Victoria to (or) Take District Line to

Try it with your own Google map, you will see the scenario working. Your phone or table is helping achieve a task: find your way (your becoming an algorithm case, the app is changing it’s aim and directions support based on what you do. 

Algorithm are Rules Set for computer programs to do a task using Logic Statements (pseudo codes)


When you build content for a website you are setting your keywords tags robot.txt you are essentially helping the google algorithm find your content.


the algorithm uses a set of rules to decide what to do with the content:

  • (Check) Code (if) minified (then) (Or Else)
  • (Check) Internal Links (the) (or else)
  • (While) Checking above (Check) for malicious codes/software (Check) hosting (check) Credibility
  • If Rating is > 10 or more then INDEX (or else) Don’t

Learn more about the Google PageRank algorithm

Algorithms plain and simple: 

Pseudo Code

Pseudocode are statements programmers use to simplify the algorithm creation process. They use scenario based statements:

  • Input: 
  • Output: Display , Print
  • Compute: Calculate
  • Repeat-until: Sequential conditions
  • Sequence: one task is performed after another.
  • While: conditional loop
  • If-then- Else: Two alternatives decision

IF <Something is this Name = < > (state)>






More on Pseudo Code:

Try these(extension):

Flow chart

A flow chart is a visual version of pseudo codes that can help explain/visualise a program pseudo code/algorithm to non tech audience.



Internet Technology

From  a digital marketing perspective, communication between devices needs to happen before you are able to display your ads. For computers to communicate with another, there must be:

  • A set of hardware to enable communication
    • Device (computer, laptop, mobile device, tablet, Smart TV)
    • Networking hardware
      • Wireless Access Point
      • Router
      • NIC + Mac address
      • Hub
      • Modem 
  • A set of rules in place that manage the communication, ensure that data (user, device) is transmitted following protocols:
    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – are set of rules that dictate how instant/recorded voice communication data is transferred/or travels from one device to another
    • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) – sets the standards for the transmission of data to and from a website to a client (device + browser)
      • in 2018 HTTPS took over http to ensure security sites that are still on http won’t be listed on  the Google SERP. To switch HTTPS, website owners had to get  SSL certificates (free or paid option) from their and ensure that all their site’s page where set to https (using a plugin or redirect).
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – sets the rules for transmission of files across a network or from a device to web server. Web designers often use this protocol to upload large files onto a web server. 
    • Short Message Service (SMS) – handles the transfer of text and multimedia (images, video, sound, recorded voice) over cellular networks.
    • Internet Protocol
    • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP – set the rules on how emails are received sent and processed from a mail server to
    • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCP/IP  – when your audience is visiting your site, TCP/IP set standards for communication between their device and your web server.
  • A Set of software to enable communication between devices
    • Teams and other communication software
    • Social Media
    • FileZilla or CuteFTP to transfer files from  a device to a web server