Introduction to Photoshop Level 1 Photoshop using brushes lesson
This tutorial Level 1 Photoshop using brushes lesson has been used in my classes over and over and is a good base for students to start learning about digital painting using brushes. This is an introduction class, teachers have to implement their own techniques with this material. A sample student material will be available to download at a later date. The good thing about this tutorial is that if students are interested you might see talent coming through. I was amazed by a student this year with how quick she picked up on the tools and turn her drawing skills into digital drawing. The work on the left was made by one of my level 1 Music & Media student this year using brushes she downloaded from the Internet.

No prior knowledge of Photoshop is required, the tutorial assumes that students are on a level 1 course Level 1 Photoshop using brushes lesson, (NOCN, BTEC,DIDA, CITY & GUILDS). The criteria met in this tutorial are more about using software, but you can meet other criteria if you ask your students to plan for creative design using brushes, colours, measurements and managing prints. The aim of this exercise is to get your students to get creative from the start and avoid using other people work to produce an image. My lessons last for four hours, so I usually start with drawing techniques, then theory (could explaining different topics such as vector, bitpmap, colours, art movments etc…)

Finally I encourage you to get your students to mount their final artwork on board, or upload on a blog (, helping them building a portfolio for further studies. You will also need to encourage them to keep a log of their learning on daily basis.

Level 1 Photoshop using brushes lesson

Lesson Objectives;

  • Demonstrating confidence in manipulating a digital imaging tools as a starting point and create digital imagery with evidence of reflective learning. Efficiently explain and defend design ideas through challenging  Q&A. Document activities  (report, log book, sketch book)

Duration: 4 hours

Starter Session: Discuss previous sessions, PLPs, or other

Main Session Part 1: Drawing Techniques (students learn drawing techniques)

Main Session Part 2: Discovering Digital Art (Information Literacy), students work in groups, researching and presenting what they think is digital art, where do they see it and also find work of famous Digital Artists.

Main Session Part 3: The Fun Part Using Imaging Software

Level 1 Photoshop using brushes lesson,

Watch the video preview bellow or download:

Where to find brushes

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