Starter Session (GD)

  • What is a stop motion animation? Get your note from last week if needed.

Animation Workshop

As a group you should be aiming at producing a stop motion animation. This animation can be:

  • A pixilation animation (people act like puppet)
  • A simple stick man animation
  • A simple cut out animation
  • An object animation (only objects move)

Your animation should include music, and sound effects. It must last at least 1 minutes; remember it takes roughly 100 pictures to make a 10 seconds animation.

Last week you put some ideas as the group for an animation, you will need to put these ideas on paper now. Plan for your animation on paper. Prepare a word document and start the planning as a group, your plan should contain:

  • Project Title: Animation Title
  • Team: each team member name and role
  • Project Goal:
  • Target audience:
  • Animation genre:
  • Script Development/narrative: Describe all the scenes and events in your animation
  • Characters: Describe the main characters in your animation
  • Music: You will need to use your own
  • Props: Describe all the props necessary for the production
  • Sound Effects: Describe all the sound effects in this animation
  • Equipment: Describe all equipment you will need
  • A story board – you will need to work as group to draw your story board