Level 3 Graphic design Packaging Session 1

Lesson Objectives:

Understand why packaging is important in

Starter session

What are you? and guess which  is my generation? And What is this?

Level 3 Graphic design Packaging Session 1,
Consumer generations

Section 1 Research – group 

Research the Main historic moments in packaging history:

  • Natural Packaging
  • cans
  • Tin
  • Paper bags
  • cellophane
  • sustainable packaging

Is consumer packaging history rooted in military?


Section 2 the Audience 

Who do you design for?

Level 3 Graphic design Packaging Session 1,

  • You need to think of all the factors influencing the buyers decision
    • Price
    • Natural
    • Nutrition
    • Trust
    • Reliability
  • Types of buyers
    • Auto-pilot buyer
    • Buzz shopper
    • bargain hunter
    • Browser
    • Habitual loyalist
    • Brand purist

Base on the above you will have to create an audience persona for your product.


You will need to use the sources below to produce your audience research based on your product:

Questions to ask when planning your packaging

  • What product your creating packaging for?
  • What material are you going to use: bottle, plastic, can,
  • Will the audience see the product through a window? if yes what material? the cut out will disturb your design?
  • Standards, information 
    • bar code
    • dates: expiring date, packaging date
    • sizes: specific size for the text with product content; nutrition label, ingredient, allergies information
    • Guidelines: alcohol packaging, food packaging, children
    • Distributor information (proctor and gamble)
    • Warnings
    • Where to place all information


Understanding the lingo

  • Seal
  • Flat
  • coating
  • die cut sheet