13 weeks of work (1 hour and half session per week), my students have produced good work for the limited time we have had to produce this (see below)

Unit Aim:

This unit developed the student’s ability to critically analyse and integrate research, contextual understanding, materials, methods and skills to solve time-based problems in art and design. They have researched:

  • The history of animation
  • Different animation techniques; clay, stop motion; kinetic, cut out,
  • Animation software; Flash CS6 and AE CS6
  • Production cycle
  • Different studios
  • Issues with animations (representation of women, racisim, propaganda)

We have spent working;

  • 3 weeks on pixilation animation learning about photography techniques, basic AE tutorials importing files and sound
  • 3 weeks learning about Flash animation (week 1 creating assets in Photoshop and importing, week 2 frame by frame animation, week 3 twee animation)
  • 3 weeks learning about Kinetic animations and AE, we have also looked a Audition
  • 2 weeks with advanced animation techniques with AE




Maryam B


Group Animations

Saulius, Fahim, Harman

Saulius Armendeep, Iba


Carlos, Halima, Carley

Maryam B, Edward