Session title: Level 3 year 1 FMP the importance of primary visual research

This practical session should help you understand the role of primary research and it the base of design project, and prepare your to effectively mange your project effectively.

With your sketchbook and camera in hand, we are going take a walking tour of our local park. Look carefully at your surroundings and record your observations using photography,  notes, sketches, and collected items. You should try to see things as a visual communication artist. Shoot images from different points of view and add different exposures. Record your own impressions of what you see, and observe all chances for a design project:

  • a message to the community
  • a message to the surrounding businessesLevel 3 year 1 FMP the importance of primary visual research,
  • a message about health issues
  • a message about the environment

You could:

  • add something into the environment (Sagmeister style; typography)
  • send a message about the environment (Foldvari style; illustration)

This primary research should be the base for a particular graphic design project, and the process is an important influence on the final outcome.

When you come back you will need to find some factual research about the park before finishing your small project. Think about your prime target audience and how they might be most interested in the area or your topic, decide how you would best catch their attention. Using your collected research, create a series of thumbnails for a poster, then decide the best way to finalize your artwork (digital or print making).