Subject: Artwork Imaging – Theme: Advertising & Promotion – Club Flyers

Making a Club Flyer for Multimedia Level 2

Creative tutorial for Multimedia, Creative & Media, Media students on the level 2 course. Learning to design promotional flyers. Formative activity for level 2 Multimedia, Creative & Media, Media students. Design promotional flyers, learning material, class activities. Video attached at the end.

Material: A good library of club flyers to let the students explore genres and types (typographic, image etc…), teacher should prepare mood board of club flyers if possible.

Students will learn basic photo editing techniques.   Students will analyze and evaluate the results.

Lesson Objectives;

  1. Exploring Club Promotion
  2. Plan, design edit, prepare flyer using appropriate tools
  3. Present work
  4. Reflect and think of how the above learning is going to be use in summative assignment

Starter Session: Review of last week’s session

Main Session (part 1): Exploring different types of club flyers

As you are getting confidence with your design skills, you could advertise your services for making a flyers for a  club night, a gig, a special bar event, a local pub. You need to understand some basic principles. It might be news for your;  a lot of clubs rely on design students to design their promoting material to cut cost.

In small group research the following – What are the design elements in a club flyer?

Make a presentation to the class using PowerPoint:

  • RNB clubs
  • Garage Clubs
  • Reggae

Be creative with your presentation, and have a lot of information. See me for directions with your research and presentation. You don’t have to use PowerPoint, use presentation methods you have been taught by me.

Main Session (part 2): Plan a club flyer

In small groups:

Plan a flyer, with the customer brief bellow:

My name is Dj Rocco, and I am promoting my Funky Garage night that will be on the 30 December this year. I have to tell you that I want a Silver theme, and an urban look to the flyer. The name of the night is “Masquerade”, the night will have a few djs (Jaman, Krouger, Gold Budha). We are offering a free drink to the ladies. I want different format (large, small).

Thank guys

Your duty as a group is to find what is missing in this brief. Also you will need to figure out what you need. Meaning that if you need a logo do you have to design it? You need to get a set of questions to give to this client for enlightenment.


Your group plan should include:

USP – Unique Selling Points for the flyer; translating the brief into an image that can sell the event (images, typography, color scheme etc…)

CP – Creative Concept; are you using an image and simple text? How are you going to avoid any copyrights issue, what will dominate on the flyer (image, date, address)?

Distribution also called Mechanics or format  – meaning the different (print poster, flyers, cards etc…)

Main Session (part 3): Design (the fun part)

In Class Demonstration with Photoshop

Mini project Brief – see video bellow

Design rules

  • You must put you ideas on paper first – meaning sketches, plan
  • Start large and reduce as you need. Meaning create the poster first and then work out how the flyer will look. or just make the poster and then reduce to A5 or A6
  • Two fonts is ok, more think about it. Usually use a fancy font for the titles, remember the information needs to be understood.
  • Apply rulers before designing, otherwise information close to the edge/crop marks won’t print
  • Extra information to be added you need to look at size, color matching (i.e: logos or extra images)
  • Proof-read
  • Try Different combinations
  • find some printing quotes on the Internet

Main Session (part 4): Reflect – Blog, log book



Advanced editing techniques

Learn How to maker different types of flyers