For Level 1 Music & Media

Making a logo using a Photograph as prop with Level 1 students. The tutorial supports students understanding how to use props from the internet and make a logo. For this example we have used a dragon image.

Subject: Artwork Imaging – Theme: Logo Design (simple)

Students will learn about technology based terms, concepts, as well as making inform decision with designing their own logo.   A variety of technologies will be used. Students will analyze and evaluate the results.

Lesson Objectives;

Making a logo using a Photograph as prop with Level 1

  1. Complying with the law – Examine the issues with imaging
  2. Understanding and Researching the purpose of  a logo
  3. Create bitmap images  (logo), using appropriate design elements such as color scheme, lines, consistency, type, and style.
  4. Change dimension, color, resolution, and save
  5. Reflect and think of how the above learning is going to be use in summative assignment

Starter Session: Do you know the history of Nike, Channel or Xbox?

Main Session (part 1): Complying with the law – Examine the issues with imaging

In small group research the following – make a presentation to the class using PowerPoint:

  • Creative Common
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
  • Attribution-NonCommercial License
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License
  • Attribution-NoDerivs License
  • Attribution License
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of CC
  • How CC is helping as a students in Digital Imaging?

Use resources bellow for information

Main Session (part 2): Understanding and Researching the purpose of a logo

In small groups research the following history of the following logos:

Apple – MacMc DonaldChannelNikeCoca-Cola
WindowsBurger KingLevi’sRBKDr Perper

Your research should include information such as:

  • Who designed the 1st logo?
  • What type of logo was it? (Typographic etc…)
  • When was it designed?
  • How much did it cost then to design the logo?
  • Who Designed the one in used now? and how much they were paid for the design?
  • What does the color scheme represent?


Presenting the above research:









You must make use of your imagination to present this research and not use computers (PowerPoint, MSWord etc…), instead present the information on a mood board, or your sketch book. You can print the logos.

Main Session (part 3): Learn how to and design a simple logo (the fun part)

In Class Demonstration with Photoshop

  • Mini project Brief

  • With a minimum supervision look for prop references on the internet/or book/or mags to create your own logo
  • Base on the research prepare a small brief (i.e: I want my logo to be brown because the color represent a personality that is down to heart for my music production business), start Sketching your ideal logo
  • Produce your logo for appropriate and effective communication

Main Session (part 4): Reflect – Blog, log book


Making a logo using a Photograph as prop with Level 1,