There is nothing really complicated in making your advert for your audience

This tutorial, making your advert in Illustrator will help create a magazine advert for your product, this will be a simple advert, you will have to add in your own style, or graphic movement (grunge, urban, minimalist etc..) yourself.

What you should have for this lesson:

Before starting the tutorial it advisable to research printing and other options for documents preparation.

A Guide to Preparing Files for Print
A Guide to Preparing Files for Print

Case Study

Making your Advert for your Audience – Illustrator

1- Open Illustrator and create a document (A4).

Making your Advert for your Audience
Making your Advert for your Audience

2- Import (place) your product; File>Place. Also duplicate it just in case; I usually make a copy and place it outside the art board.

3- To import your text go to File>Place, find your document and click OK.

4- Place your text outside your Art Board and click CTRL (CMD) + T to open the character formation palette and format your text.

5- Place the logo

6- Create a layer and name it background

7- Create a rectangle to cover the whole background layer and make it the same colour as your product (use the colour picker)

8 – With your rectange selectced clikd on the rcoulor artowrk on the submenu bar.

9- In the Recolour artwork panel Click on Edit and choose a complementary colour to your background.

You could also use the drop down menu to select a set of complementary colours for the whole document

10 – Place your text and change the size of your text and colours as well

11- Experiment with layout options

11- find an interesting way to present your work

Making your video advert on a budget next lesson

Download (PPT, 1.04MB)

Evaluating your project

Please give your written evaluation and feedback on the group animations and your final animation final craft item. Your evaluation should cover
level of understanding of each type of animation you have created, as well as the use of materials, techniques, tools and equipment you have used.

The list of questions below should help your write your evaluation:

What have you learnt from the development and production time based media?
What project was most successful?
Which materials or techniques would you change and why?