Making your pixilation animation Unit 7

Simple video tutorial to follow for Level 3 Graphics – Unit 7  An integrated approach to time-based problem.

Before the lesson you need:

  • To plan your animation
    • Script
    • Storyboard
    • Props
    • Equipment
  • Shoot your animation
    • Remember to take enough pictures, frame rate affects how many pictures you shoot.  300 pictures = around 20 seconds at 24 fps
    • Set your camera on a tripod to avoid camera shake and blur effects. Trick; if you have a camera that can take 12 pictures per second you can get away with have your actors walking.
    • Block, block, block! Incremental pictures only
    • Put all your picture in a folder
  • Editing
    • You can edit at and download free video editing software; loads out there
    • While editing; you might try After Effects editing techniques try and turn your animation into a cartoon with layer effects.

After the animation

  • Evaluate your project outcomes, explain the process, and the various stages involved. Try to demonstrate full grasp of the various roles and responsibilities involved in animation and how they work together;
    • director
    • script writer
    • storyboard artist
    • actors
    • Editors (sound and film)
  • Extend your skills try something else

Remember you are artists try different things, give some meaning, make your audience react, feel, think.

Inspiration, see links bellow: