Career and Development for JCP Apprentices (Junior Content Development) focuses on supporting apprentices understanding how to deal with their own career development, but also how to demonstrate the following standards:

My personal advice on developing as a content producer:

It is very important to start Managing your Career Development now. As your are developing from an apprentice to a professional digital content producer you realise that to give yourself opportunity to reach your job (role), and ideal salary goals you will have to dedicate a lot of time on your career development plan. Before you you make a choice you will to evaluate the skillset you need:

  • To research the different roles of content producer
    • Researching : you will find yourself having to constantly research different topics in content production this may or will include
      • Target audience: depending on the content you will be producing researching audience is a skills that requires knowledge of different types of audiences and how they consume content, as well as react to content. A starting point would be understanding generational marketing and B2B marketing
      • Content: Trends are constantly changing over the years and knowing what’s in trends or researching different types of content would be beneficial, for example:
        • Graphic Design is such a good knowledge to have to keep you going with the creative flair, not all content must start with digital equipment, some wonderful adverts have been created using traditional media and art forms. Research these and try to learn at least on traditional media (clay animation, video production editing methods (Green screen) etc…
      • Tech Trends: As you are most likely going to be working for digital media, it is very important that you research and are aware of the trends:
        • In gaming: app games, game develop
        • In new consumer tech trends: understand what devices audiences use and what platforms they love interacting on is very important
        • AI and other tech: We are all aware that AI is more and more becoming a must in both content development and marketing, it really important that you start looking and development in AI and try to understand both the front end and back end developments in AI.
      • Marketing: Most content producers work developing content for marketing and adverting and understand the marketing basic would be good for you and your career. You will SMStudy offers great intro to marketing courses along with qualifications that are free: Free Certifications. Along with understanding the basics of marketing, you will need to stay up to date with marketing trends and networking or being part of a newtork such as the DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) would be beneficial.
    • Content Production: unfortunately content produces must be skilled at at least on production technique, you must make a choice of the production types you would to work as your career evolves:
      • Creative Writing: Digital content producers develop the craft of story telling as you might often have to develop copy or scripts in line with your brand and client project requirements.
      • Website Production: Understanding how and being able to plan and build websites looking at back end and front End development, will give not only the skills but also a full understanding of On Page and Off Page SEO. The only issue is making a choice in the content management system you will decide to pick for the learning and development, but rest assure that once you know on CMS, it is easy to adapt to most. Along with website development skills acquisition, it would be advisable for you to pass both the Analytics Individual Qualification, and Search Ads 360 Certification (extra value on your CV).
      • Graphic and Digital Design: Understanding how to design with audience and the different design theories in mind will ensure that

Managing your Career Development for JCP Apprentices

Managing your Career and Development

Dedicate some time to your own development: unfortunately, the content and multimedia field is fast-paced and things are constantly evolving make sure that you dedicate some time (preferably weekly):

  • to research design trends, for more than 10 years I used to buy Digital Arts mags monthly and followed tutorials in different software (Digital Arts, Photoshop Advanced). Now you will find millions of free online resources with courses to help you develop specific software skills.
  • to research content trends
  • to research specific leaders in your prefered creative field (art, art and craft, animation, 3d, architecture, film, writing etc).

Start your brand create your own logo, your visual language, your business cards, your portfolio be ready to drop your card at any time, online, and in person.

Push your brand a tat more and set your creative profile on People per hour, Fivver, Adobe

Don’t just spend hours on social networks watching the influencers in your field, become one, if you have a passion for a specific field, thing or if you have a specific talent just share it with the world, at least this will force to practice what you preach:

Find the Gap in your field on YouTube and make tutorials or talk about it, for example, they are a lot of tutorials on 3d software, but there is a big gap in for some specific topics. This might take you hours of research but it will worthwhile

Let’s face it if you have to create your own website you will definitely be fishing around for the best solution for you and your project. Sure a website is an investment, but a small investment. For example, you will find quite a few web hosting companies that are offering honestly cheap and secures services for around 5 pounds a month, plus the cost of your domain name for a year. Creating your own website will on help you with:

  • targeting the right segment (client or employers)
  • research your competitors, see what other people in your chosen field are doing
  • build your own personal brand
  • planning your site layout, content
  • constantly improving your SEO and analytics
  • build your network of followers

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