This assessment is a response to evaluate effectiveness of resources for your observed session assessment for the DTLLS course.

This small report is an evaluation of the lesson I was observed for the PTLLS, I will discuss the different learning and teaching methods and activities I used in the class, and the way I promoted safety and ensure students were involved in the learning process, giving them an opportunity to give feedback.

I started my lesson with a register taking activity, while taking the register I introduce the lesson’s topic and activities for the session.

I based lesson on the Maslow pyramid of needs and was able to ensure the students safety by promoting “Health & Safety” guidelines. The starter not only included topic; I also ensured that Health & Safety procedure were strictly observed by the students, my PowerPoint present had “Health and Safety” slide.

P4 Evaluate Teaching and learning approaches and effectiveness of resources for your observed session
P4 Evaluate Teaching and learning approaches and effectiveness of resources for your observed session

My lesson was inclusive of all learners; learning materials included a presentation for visual learners, a video for both visual and auditory learners, and the PowerPoint was printed (because the students did not have VLE access) for review at later date. Kinaesthetic learners had the opportunity to discuss the learning points in group discussion. This co-operative learning technique was not only a tool for kinaesthetic learners; it also was developing the whole group literacy skills as well as helping them developing negotiating and teamwork skills. Their personal growth needs were not only met by the lesson but they were encouraged to take part in group discussions and question and answer activities, these were planned to give them essential skills required in all employments which are talk in groups in different settings, and teamwork skills.

Homework was given, so students could extend on their knowledge and develop at an individual level. This homework required of students to use the internet developing both literacy and IT functional skills developments.

I Promoted inclusion by offering the students to fill in a form; I gave them the opportunity to give me feedback on the lesson, giving them the sense of belonging and being involved in their education.  Student progress was also checked from that form asking them to write about the learning activities and therefore I was checking their progress and ensuring that they understood the objectives and reach the aims by the end of the lesson.

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