This PORTFOLIO PREP GUIDANCE for DM and JCP explains what apprentices must do for the first for their portfolio; show they understand their business.

Portfolio Prep Guidance: Industry and Business Knowldge


YOUR ORGANISATION: When they started, why they started and what gaps/opportunity they found in the British, or global market Be specific, give details.

INDUSTRY: What industry they are in, meaning IT, Beauty or else. You should be very specific.  Explain what the industry brings to the British Economy. If you need to research more about the industry you work for here is a link

REGULATIONS: All industries in the UK are regulated, illustrate the different regulations, rules and laws that govern your organization’s  Industry. If you need to understand more about regulation, I suggest you read more information here:

PRODUCTS SERVICES: You should be able to list and explain the distinct attributes of all the services and products your company offers.

CLIENTS: Who are the clients/audience what segmentation they already have

COMPETITORS: Find as much information as you can about their competitors: Who –  What is good about them – What is bad about them – How you compare to them – Market share


LOGO: Research the logo (any changes over the years? Try to understand the brand’s colours). You should try and understand if there has been any changes in the branding, also if your organization is part of an umbrella brand

BRANDING: Explain your branding; you should be able to make the different between different types of brand portfolios:

  • One product – one brand
  • Flankers Brand
  • Etc…

Read more here: & here:

BRAND/HOUSE STYLE AND EDITORIAL GUIDELINES:  Most marketers have to follow brand and editorial guidelines that they base content, copy and visuals on. Try and read the different guidelines to help you with your design, marketing decisions

MARKETING STRATEGIES: What  are  the company’s aims, goals and mission statement? Every business should have marketing and digital marketing strategies and plan if you can get hold of these documents read them. Ask your line manager or the marketing team. Writing about the organisation’s marketing strategy will ensure that you show the EPA that you understand how to apply your marketing principles knowledge in your work. In your marketing strategy, you will find information about the different tactics, channels change, and promotions used.

Branding & Marketing

MANAGEMENT: Describe your organization’s management style. You should be able to explain both the management structure (flat, structured), leadership style and culture (hierarchical, clan,)

TEAMS & DEPARTEMENTS: Describe  the different departments the marketing department interacts with and why.

MARKETING & DIGITAL MARKETING  DEPARTEMENTS:  Explain the different roles in the marketing department and the people you will interact with and why  this should include external agencies support your marketing activities

TEAMS’ COMMUNICATION TOOLS Marketing teams sometimes use different types of tools to work on projects to communicate and manage projects. Try and explain the different tools used to manage projects and communicate

ROLE AND TEAM: Describe your role within your team, illustrating all the different departments you have to interact with. Also try to set KPIs/targets for you to reach.

Standards to be covered in this report:

1.3 Appreciate who else is important, for them to do their job and fulfil the role effectively (e.g. colleagues, managers, other stakeholders)

1.4 Are aware of potential risks in the job role (e.g. security, privacy, regulatory)

1.6 Understand how the job fits into the organisation as a whole

2.1 Understands the goals, vision and values of the organisation

2.2 Aware of the commercial objectives of the tasks/ projects they are working on

2.4 Is in tune with the organisation’s culture