This Showcase your Assessment Projects with a blog session is about supporting Level 3 Graphic Design students with the idea of creating a blog.

1. Choose a name for your blog
Although you are going to use a free blogging platform it is important to double if usernames and blog names/titles have not yet been taken.

  1. You can pick you initials mixed with your course name (aglevel3media)
  2. You can just pick your own name bearing in mind that this could have some search engines showing your blog first on the SERP. So if you do not want to be know as a college student, avoid using your full name.
  3. Make sure you don’t use any swearing word in your blog name
  4. Try to keep your blog name short and meaningful
  5. check your spelling, and avoid numbers, hyphens and numbers
  6. If your intend is to keep your blog throughout your student live (college and uni), make the name simple and avoid adding your level 3 course name. Try and brainstorm and base your blog name on your desired path (i,e acgmediagrowth).

2. Experiment with the different blog platforms before choosing one

You will find different platforms out there, and they all come with advantages and disadvantages. Most come with an option to buy your own domain name, all come with beautiful templates which is easing your presentation. Further research into each platform will help you evaluate has the best tools that meet your needs.

 Blogger: is the oldest blogging platform

Wix: is always widely advertised on Youtube and TV

Weebly: comes with free seo and 500mb of space

WordPress: WordPress is the most used CMS by businesses

Things to consider when choosing a blog platform:

  • Ease of use
  • Templates
  • Extra plugins
  • SEO support
  • Media files: media file uploads might be an issue with most as you will often that they are restrictions with videos and images sizes and formats. You will need to read all the information out there for your different media types. It is most likely that you will need a YouTube account for your video and embed them in your blog.
  • Code (HTML CSS) editing, is necessary if you have some web dev units in your course. This could give you a option to demonstrate the ability to work on a live sites and managing updates and changes to the back-end coding
  • Social Media Marketing, is something to think of if you are working on a unit related to social media marketing. You will need to look at the different social media channels connections possible base on your specific project assignments.

It is advisable that you do a comparative study before engaging into a registration process that could end up in an unfinished project.

Take some time aside to research on the Internet different free blog or website platforms.

Showcase your Assessment Projects with a blog

3. Topics
Remember your blog is related to different topics in IT, and Creative Media, you will need to make it clear that you are presenting work for specific units. Make sure your presentation is focused when you share your knowledge, research and perspectives. How you are presenting your topics is up to you:

  • A page per unit or project
  • A clear blog with specific tags and categories

This will higher your marks and assessor IV and EV will also be able to clearly follow your progress through each unit.

You will also need to figure out comments and sharing options on your blog:

  • Some blog platforms, have options for comments but you will need to ensure that you manage your comments that you receive from the web users, your teachers and fellow students.
  • With sharing only share the live links and not the draft links as you might loose on you final mark if you teachers, assessor and project mentors cannot access the links. Please make sure you are familiar with the platforms page editing, and sharing options.

4. Presenting your work Showcase your Assessment Projects with a blog

For years students have been using blogs as assessment and project presentation platform, so they can get feedback from tutors and demonstrate their technological skills at the same time. What you should remember is that half finished unit work will not show your best to prospective employers and universities that might want to know more about your online life and build a persona of you. Your work should demonstrate your research and knowledge of the subject matter, you also need to demonstrate that you are able to manage your projects effectively while solving problems, learning and developing as a reflective student.


  • Visuals are important, they support your research or projects development walk through:
    • make sure to take print screens of your software use (to show step by step development)
    • make sure you clearly indicate copyright when using images, video that are not yours (include source)
    • If anything to be on a safe side use Pixabay, Unsplash
    • check images/video licenses when using content that come with your templates

Weather you are coming from an IT, Creative perspective or Graphic Design perspective as a student I would remind you that you should make use of the elements and principles of design. Colours and and UX are very important in web site content creation everything should be meaningful and layout should be simple.

So let’s answer the different reasons why you should showcase your Assessment Projects with a blog:

  • Easy sharing
  • You cannot loose or word documents, papers, or key
  • Environment friendly (no printing)
  • Evidence can be kept for every on a free site
  • You can edit from anywhere anytime