This is a support tutorial for simple Bauhaus Poster Level 3 tutorial, for UAL art and design students (graphic students). The aim is to demonstrate that you have experienced creating imagery exploring Bauhaus. With this Simple Bauhaus Poster Level 3 tutorial, you should be able to demonstrate that you can work in a certain style and still  send a message across that is efficient.

When creating a poster at a Level 3 standard, we have to show how we understand art movements, artists and their work. This tutorial will help you with your final major project.

Why do you need to have a simple Bauhaus poster in your Portfolio?

The Bauhaus art movement  has played an symbolic and important role in the graphic design sector and you need to effecitvely study the movement and research how designers have taken inspiration from this art movement.

When designers create posters they need to effectively communicate to an audience. They also need to create imagery based on the brief they received with instruction on design style. You will find that some client will request for a Bauhaus type of poster designed.

Things you need to know about Bauhaus

What you will discover in your research is that colour plays an essential role  in a Simple Bauhaus Poster,  as well as shapes form patterns. With Bauhaus the design grid is part of the design.

In Graphic Design it is quite possible to create imagery creating simple shapes. Simplicity helps eliminate details for a message that is simple and straight forward.

Remember to dedicate a portion of your portfolio for research on Bauhaus , experiments with different media etc.

You need to challenge yourself finding ideas and create a Simple Bauhaus Poster

Part of your development as a young graphic designer, is to  challenge yourself with the Bauhaus style and make it relevant in your research and work.

Designing a poster with simple shapes can help:

With Information hierarchy

Simple Bauhaus Poster Level 3 tutorial,

Make information clear and concise
Help audience see and get the message with no clutter

With simple shapes you can create eye-catching and attractive poster.

Use the link below and start your research on Bauhaus, this research will need to be reflected in your sketchbook