Associate Diploma Graphic Design – Unit EO2 Teamwork Skills


Teamwork Skills Assignment – trifold flyer

Your goal is to work within a team to plan and produce a trifold flyer that would attract new students onto the Graphic Design course. As a team you should be able to plan, produce and deliver the project within 3 days. In graphic design you are often called to produce design at short notice.

I love Pixabay, this image is the work of rawpixel (pixabay)

Your project will be presented to the class.

Teamwork Skills Assignment

Remember this is a trifold flyer which needs information back and front (A4); you have never designed such a thing! And you need to work as a team making informed decisions on the planning, design and presentation.

  • Task 1 – Organize a team meeting that will set the project goals, guidelines, and design tasks (meeting minute)
  • Task 2 – The whole team should plan, group and individual tasks by producing a task list
  • Task 3  – Ensure you all complete your tasks within deadlines; use email to confirm your tasks are completed (print screens)
  • Task 4 – Make sure you provide support to each other (evidence this with email, and/or report/presentation
  • Task 5 – Once your first draft (design) is finished organize a second meeting and provide suggestions for improvements on the design
  • Task 6 – complete the project
  • Task 7 – Present the project explaining your individual roles within the team and how you have organized your work
  • Task 8 – In a report, review your own performances explaining:
    1. Positive and negative behaviors you have encountered within the team
    2. The teamwork skills you need to improve on

You Based on the above scenario, you will submit:

  • Two meeting minutes
  • One Group task list
  • Your draft and final project (with research, sketches)
  • One group presentation
  • On personal report on teamwork as well as your performance as a team member
  • Print screens of correspondence with team mates, demonstrating that you can meet deadlines, and ask/provide support to team members.

Other tutorials to support with making the tri fold flyer