Lesson AIms:




Understand design theory Intro

Graphic Design or Visual Communication is the art of combining text, images, and artistic skills to convey a message, transmit information, educate, attract an audience through different mediums (adverts, flyers, TV, movies, animations, books, magazines etc..)

Although a Graphic Designer makes use of the artist tools to create, there is a clear line between the Graphic Design field and the art field. Graphic Designers create designs with their audience and clients in mind, whereas the artist has no obligation to fulfill a brief,  the artist explores and produces art to engage the audience in the thinking process (What if? Why? How?

Both Designers and Artists have to learn:

  • Colour theory
  • Typography or lettering (designers/artists)
  • Design Principals
  • Design Element
  • Etc…

For this unit we are going to look at the elements and principals of design; the fundamentals we all have to learn if we want to become web designers, graphic designer, interior designers, game designers etc…

We are going to learn about the followings

  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Colour
  • Type
  • Texture
  • Unity
  • Balance
  • Emphasis
  • The rule of third
  • Etc.

Elements of Design Class Tasks

Activity 1

50 minutes – in teams of two you will research how these following terms are applied in Graphic Design. You will need to explain all the terms to the class with examples and demonstrations (next lesson).


Breaking down the activities:

  1. Find the definition of the terms below (must be related to art or design or photography)
  2. For each term, make a rough design or example in our sketchbook
  3. For each term make a tutorial for the class
  4. For an example, the term repetition is a principle of design  I have researched how repetition is used in photography and will demonstrate to the class how to create a photograph with repetition in mind

Research List and Videos:



Equipment needed: sketchbook, black pen (graphic or sharpie), pencil, eraser, paint or pencils or felted pens

Before we start with the learning we are going to create a series of; rough drawing like the ones below; take at least 20 minutes to recreate the following. If you have not finished with 20 minutes that is ok. You will need to focus on line and shape. Extension, if you have finished before the 20 minutes doodle what you want using shapes and colors. You will need to finish this activity at home.

Activity 2  Reflective activity

Choose an image from the ones .bellow and try and explain what the image is made of, or how it was made.

Artist mondrian


Micheal Craig Martin

 buffet bernard