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This unit 4 Associate Diploma Raster Graphic Assessment Support presentation is a demonstration of what you need to competently evidence your ability to use the software to a good level and how you apply to tools and functions of the software.

Whether you are providing design services as a freelance designer or working for a company your strength in use different software packages for design should always be at the forefront. Software and working with raster graphics competency involves demonstrating your skills with as much information as possible and providing providing evidence with your artwork. The raster graphic artwork itself demonstrates your strength in visual communication. Having more than one example of tools and how you use them is also good for preparing you for competency based interviews. You might need to describe the steps or decisions you make to ensure that your raster graphic designs are produced, produced, checked for errors, exported and saved effectively.

Unit 4 Associate Diploma Raster Graphic

There are different ways to evidence your ability to use the tools and work with raster graphics, the list below will help you decide how yo will do this:

  • You can use a document and explain how you have done your work with print screens
  • You can make a presentation like the one above showing which tools you have use to make the artwork and how you have set them
  • You can make a video screen-cast using free screen-cast software. The decision to use voice over or text is up to you, but be aware that creating screen-casts is time consuming. But can be a good start for social media fame

The whole point about Unit 4 Associate Diploma Raster Graphic Assessment Support

Remember, the final unit exam will also challenge your competences and knowledge of graphic design different principles and you remember complex software user interface to design, innovate.

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