The Unit 7 Cut out animation Workshop is more a time for us to experiment with cut out animation.



  • Paper/card
  • Pen/pencils/colour pencils/Paint/felt-tip pens (depending how far you want to go with the experiment)
  • Scissors/Craft knife
  • Glue/Blue Tack
  • paper-fasteners/needles and threads
  • Editing/sound  software
  • Camera

Project: You will create a cut-out animation in group or individually

Unit 7 Cut out animation Workshop,

  • Think of a simple story- Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?
    • What would you like your characters to do?
    • Stories need a beginning, middle and end. You might need to spend more than 5 minutes,   thinking about your plot.
    • Think of what will be animated and what will be static
    • Also start thing of music theme and sound effects
  • You can start to sketch ideas on a sheet of paper. This should include ideas for back drop (background).
  • Re-draw the characters and props for production. You will need series of heads/eyes/lips with different expressions, hands and feet in different positions , so you can interchange them. Do the same for all animated elements/props needed for the animation.
  • Set your background (explore different ways to create backgrounds for cut out animation 3d paper, or flat drawings)
  • Use camera; take step by step images, the process is the same as pixilation (one step at a time)
  • Use audition for sound editing, voice over recording
  • Use an animation editing software for the post production process (add sound effects, titles and credits)
  • upload/distribute your animation to your audience

Learn how to make a cut out animation (resources)

 Jamie Caliri: Making of United "Dragon" Commercial

How I Made the Cut-out Animation. from Satoric on Vimeo.

Making of – Montblanc Wintertale campaign from Salon Alpin on Vimeo.

Making a puppet for cut out animation

This is not an instructable on making a paper cutout animation, only making the puppet itself.


“The Adventures of Prince Achmed” Excerpt from Cinema 16 on Vimeo.