Unit 07 An integrated approach to time-based problem solving in art & design

Starter Session

Review Moodle content and how it can help you achieve higher marks for your project.

Activity 1 – Different roles in a animation studio (20 minutes)

Take some time to research the different roles within an animation studio and briefly explain the main duties of a:

  • Director
  • Model Maker
  • Researcher
  • Lighting Assistant
  • Key Animator
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Photographer
  • Storyboard Artist

Add all the information you find to your animation blog; make sure that you add more job roles into the research. These information will help you understand how people work together within an animation studio

Activity 2 – Planning your personal animation project

  • Production Stages 

    Planning your personal animation project,

    • Development/Research
    • Preproduction
    • Production
    • Post-Production
  •  The Story

    • The Character: You will need a character; Protagonist or Antagonist (Object, Male, Female)
    • The Aim: What is it that your main character wants to achieve (a goal, a location, a situation)
    • The conflict: Something needs to happen to try stop your character to achieve their goal
    • The End: The audience must get to the end of the story with a full picture feeling for your main character, or left with a twist (achieved, or not achieved)
    • Your animation timing should be paced in manner that engages with your audience feelings
    • Your animation sound effects: this is also important in managing your theme of your animation
  • How can you:

    • Developing your ideas?
      • Personal life events
      • Ask your friend
      • A situation (impossible that becomes possible, or the impossible becoming possible)
    • Developing the story
      • Who: is the protagonist, the antagonist
      • Where: story settings, and/or goals
      • What: what’s stopping the character from achieving, going, doing
      • To help develop the personality and the environment of the main character look at the target audience and take thing that are close to them and use them within your story
        • a hold lady/man loves their cat and always share biscuits with the cat

Homework – Make a simple animation with your smartphone 

Download one of the apps below and try and make a short animation using your phone: