Class workshop for Unit 8 Photoshop advanced tutorial Associate Diploma Graphic Design. Support using different fucntions in Photoshop

This is a more advance tutorial for the associate diploma class, the tutorial looks at unit 8 Photoshop the different advanded tools on can use to create imagery.

Unit 8 Photoshop advanced tutorial Associate Diploma Graphic Design


Use the ruler to accurately measure distance and angles

Apply automatic adjustments to colour, tone and contrast when it is appropriate to do so by using the Auto Tone, Auto Colour, Auto Contrast options in the Image menu

Use the eraser tools to remove unwanted areas of an object or layer

Use the blur, sharpen and smudge tools to achieve desired effects

Use the dodge and burn tools to enhance contrast selectively and to clip backgrounds to black or white

Edit lines, curves and shapes to achieve a desired appearance

Select and apply appropriate transformations to layers and selections to achieve a desired effect

Or use the Layer Style options from the menu bar

Adjust the canvas size and image size and select correct settings to meet requirements

Crop the image as required


Overlay a gradient fill to highlight areas of an image as required


How to Overlay a gradient fill to highlight areas of an image as required

Revert edits in part or whole to a previous history state

2 Create and manipulate irregular paths and shapes

Create a digital portrait using the pen tool and fill tools, you will cover the following learning outcomes

  • Draw and edit freeform and polygonal paths to create desired visual objects
  • Convert paths to selections and selections to paths as required

You can create a portrait in the style of Julian Opie using Photoshop or Illustrator

Interesting tutorial here

Create a Magazine Cover with images and shapes like these

This will cover

  • Apply a mask to a layer group to mask all layers in the group

Image result for Magazine coversImage result for Magazine covers

Tutorial here

Turn a picture in black and white and add colour to it (no destructive editing) this will cover

  • Select the appropriate opacity for a layer
  • Select the layer’s blending mode to meet visual requirements
  • Select and apply appropriate layer styles and control settings to achieve desired visual effects
  • Align and distribute layers as required


Create a postcard with text used as clipping mask (with an image)