This tutorial is one of the tutorials used in class with students when reviewing the media and beauty. We usually start the class with a review of the dove commercial (I have used this for the last 2 years) it’s a great start to debate on “Digital Surgery”; with another Dove advert.
Students usually like the debates, I usually divide the class in two groups, one that research “the good of the beauty industry” and the other group looks at “the ugly side of the beauty industry”.

We then carry on with a game call I’am not real, I pick from the Internet pictures of famous people in their natural (without digital surgery) state and compare with a glossy picture of them. They come to discuss in groups about the the phenomenon know as “Photoshop Surgery”.

for reference teachers can use the following sites:

This picture on the righ is an interesting topic to discuss (source:

The class is them showed a few demonstrations on computer enhancement from simple to advanced, and then they try it for themselves. The demonstration bellow is one of them. I will upload more later.